Items for purchase with the Club insignia, are a blue silk tie for the gentlemen and a blue silk scarf for the ladies. Price is £15 for each, includes P&P.

Members can also purchase a braid badge which can be used on blazers. It comes with three pins so that it does not have to be fixed permanently. Price is £16.

These items can be purchased from the Club Secretary.

Mess Dress can be ordered from:
Baun & Co
14 Queen Street
Portsmouth PO1 3HL
Tel 023 9282 2045


Garry Beverley Tailoring Limited
Talugra House
Winchester Road
Waltham Chase
SO32 2LW

Tel: +44 (0) 1489 890941

For details of the Club’s Mess Dress, please click here.

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Ensigns and Club Burgees can be purchased from:

The Ensign Flag Co Ltd
42 Dunes Way
Wellington Employment Park
Liverpool L5 9SJ
Tel: 0151 298 1007

Members of the City Livery Yacht Club have special permission to fly the Defaced Blue Ensign

For full details and the Application Form, click here.


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